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We know we face many threats in our lives. Some are very well-known. Some are not easy to identify. Rather than being either complacent or paranoid, you can use to assess any vulnerabilities and take appropriate safeguarding steps. is brought to you by KwikChex, an award-winning investigations, resolutions and fraud prevention business founded in 2010 that has successfully helped many thousands of consumers and tackled criminals in several sectors and countries.

With the huge degree of information we have acquired in over 12 years and our work with consumer protection agencies, law enforcement and legal experts, we came to understand that there is a need for a highly proactive resource that will help people all over the world protect the important things in their lives – aspects such as their families, businesses, health, homes, finances, businesses and privacy.

What you are seeing now is our launch site, which begins the process for maximised safeguarding, helping resolve many vulnerability issues. It will expand rapidly, both in terms of content and geographically.

  • Protecting your home
  • Protecting your vehicles
  • Protecting your business
  • Protecting your family
  • Protecting vulnerable peopleSafer purchasing
  • Safer investing
  • Safer dating
  • Scam prevention and recovery
  • Harassment protection
  • Safer travels
  • Personal safety
  • Personal health
  • Employment
  • Legal actions and debt protection
  • Personal data protection
  • IT protection and data recovery
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Specialist safeguarding services operated by KwikChex
  • For hospitality businesses
  • For timeshare owners
  • For cryptocurrency investors
  • Online reputation, defamation and distortion
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